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Update by user Apr 25, 2018

***Resolved: After writing to corporate and calling the customer service line, I was contact by Billy Campbell. He was great and was diligent in making sure everything was resolved. Thank you again for your help Billy!!!***

Original review posted by user Apr 25, 2018

I writing this letter from the side of Pacific coast highway in Wilmington California because I don’t have any gas or any way to access the $2000 in my account. I am extremely upset. On the recommendation of my daughter I ordered the wu prepaid card after my bank account was compromised and had to be closed. She suggested I get my own wu prepaid account until I decided if I wanted to go back to a traditional bank. So that I could ensure that I still got my direct deposits I ordered a card on Tuesday April 17th and also provided to my payors the direct deposit information that was given to me immediately upon opening my account. On Friday April 20th I received and email stating that I had a direct deposit pending but that my account was blocked because no card had been activated yet and to call I. To remove the block. I was told that if I hadn’t activated a card by Wednesday April 25th, that my direct deposit would be returned. I spoke to 2 reps that said it wasn’t much I could do but I then spoke to a customer service rep that said we could expedite the card so that it would be received by the 24th. She also manually did the verification process so that the hold could be released. I was charged $25 for the expedited card immediately which put me at -$25.00. She said that the hold should be removed within an hour and that my direct deposit would be posted. My online account also had a hold/block and I was unable to sign in to the online account. Eventually on Saturday morning the hold was removed and the money was posted.

On Monday April 23rd I called the customer service line to get a tracking number for ups. I was told by numerous reps that the tracking number was not available but that if the card was not received by the end of the 1st business day, it would definitely be received by 2nd business day. I called one more time in the evening to see if a tracking number had been generated yet. I then called first thing this morning, 4/24/18, which is the day I was promised the card. I again was told the card would be here by the end of the day today. I went to my doctors appointments and work and also picked up my two year old grandson. My daughter stayed home to wait for UPS so that we can get gas and food for the house. I called numerous times to get a tracking number and to also speak to supervisor. During one call I was left on hold for over 1 hour. Another hold this afternoon was almost over an hour as well. None of the reps were able to give me a tracking number or even totally confirm if the card was actually sent but they all said I should have it by the end of the day today. I spoke to another rep that disconnected me when I was waiting for a supervisor. I called right back and asked the rep could he transfer me again and he said can I try to help you first. I let him know that a previous agent tried and was unable to but I let him know what was going on anyways. I told him that the card had not been received and that I needed gas immediately. I also let him know that my daughter, Lauren Miller, has a WU netspend account and that I had a card to her account and if it was possible to transfer. He tried and was unable to and said you need a supervisor.

I was finally transferred to Emma. I again explained the whole situation to Emma and said could I please have some funds transferred to my daughters account until at least one of my cards was received. She told me that it wasn’t the end of the day today and that I should wait for the card delivery but it was already 5:30 my time and myself and my daughter had already called ups and they said there were no deliveries pending for me. We went back and forth with her stating that the card would be here in 7-10 business days and I told her no, that I was promised 1-2 business days and that today was the 2nd business day according to every other rep I had spoken to already. I asked her repeatedly was the card shipped and where was the tracking number she said that UPS hadn’t processed yet and I asked her so that means it wasn’t shipped and she said no it says shipped on Sunday in the computer but that Sunday probably means Monday morning and that today is still the 2nd business day. She then attempted to do the transfer to my daughters account but was unable to because no cards were activated yet. I said I can’t activate what I don’t have. I asked what else could be done and she said since it was not the end of the business day yet, that I would have to (in her exact words) “wait 6 business hours after the end of the business day to call in and get the money transferred” . She also stated that “the activation block would be lifted automatically after the computer sees that the card wasn’t activated by the end of the day today”. She mentioned that the end of the business day was 12 midnight. So I asked her if that meant that by 6am on the 25th I could call in to get the money transferred and she said YES. I asked her to please write exactly what she told me in her notes so that when I called back in the morning the next supervisor would see that. I also mentioned that I was charged $25 and promised a delivery for today, she then said that “You haven’t paid anything because I processed a credit of the fee for you”. I then asked her if it was anyone else I could speak to that might have access that she doesn’t because I didn’t want to be stuck until the next morning and she said no but that I could call right back and ask for another supervisor. She then said hold on so I assumed she was transferring but she disconnected me instead.

I called back and was transferred to Guillermo who was very abrupt and unsympathetic. He put me on hold to read Emma’s notes and When he came back I asked him if he had the access to transfer and he said no and that the previous rep said to call back tomorrow or after 24 hours if the card hadn’t been received to order a new one. I told him that is NOT what Emma told me and to read the notes. He told me that it was no way that Emma told me the things that she did. I asked him to read her exact notes and what he read was nothing that she said she would be entering into her notes. He basically called me a liar when I recounted everything that Emma told me. I told him to listen to the recording of our conversation. He was very rude and flippant and when I explained my situation he did not care at all. Even if there was nothing more he could at least he could have apologized for the inconvenience which he never did. He kept trying to explain things to me like I was stupid and didn’t understand and I explained to him that I was only going by what I was previously told by the other reps and the supervisor Emma. I told him that Emma never mentioned anything about 24 hours or ordering a new card after 24 hours and that our conversation mainly focused of when a transfer could be done. I asked him could we listen to a recording of Emma’s and I conversation and he said he didn’t have access to it but would escalate to corporate. I also asked him about the tracking number and he also said that it was unavailable but that the card had been shipped and I asked him how could that be. I finally got frustrated and realized I was getting no where. I hung up and checked my online account. The $25.00 that Emma said she credited was still there. I called back and again rerouted to Guillermo, I explained to him that Emma said she was crediting my account. He said that was impossible. He then said that he could credit me and block/cancel the expedited card and I could just receive a new one in another 7-10 business days. I told him again I am just going by what Emma said and that I never asked for the credit or for any cards to be cancelled.

At the moment no card has been received at my residence and I am still sitting here trying to figure out how I’m going to get myself and my 2 year old grandson home. I am very disappointed by not receiving the card by today but I am even more disappointed by wrong information I was given, and the terrible, terrible attitudes and responses by the supervisors. I implore you to listen to the recording of the conversation I had with Emma and compare it to the notes she wrote and to also listen to the recording of my conversations with Guillermo and how flippant and nonchalant his attitude was to me even when I explained the urgent situation that I am currently in. I truly had high hopes for getting this card because my daughter always had good things to say about the card and customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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