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I attend Wetern Texas College in Snyder Texas who has a Westerner Card and on a pamplet they furnish it says "Deposit directly to account through Western Union" so I called alled Herring Bank which supports the Westrerner Card and they gave the Account number and Routing number. Western Union/United Supermarket manager Carla(?) processed and told me the transaction was almost instantaneous. Hours later I attempted to order a college textbook (A badly and timely needed book-the whole reason for using the Westerner Card and Western Union) but had zero balance. Called Herring Bank in Lubbock (Who supports the Westerner Card at Western Texas College in Snyder Texas) and they informed me that the transaction takes 2-3 days. I then called Western Union in Lubbock and spoke with Gilbert #277 whom told me he would do a direct refund to the branch at United Supermarket in Snyder Texas and I could go get it the next day. He told me they (United) had done it wrong and that once I had the refund to tell them to put it directly on my Card and if they said they did not know how to tell them to call Agent Support and we will walk them through it.

Went to United and a sweet young lady named Ava stayed on the phone to WU for 45 minutes and finally said a woman name Suzy in Costa Rica said they contacted Herring Bank and they have to process the return and I cannot get my money back until Wed. or Thur. 09/5-6/12...Sorry! Came homme pissed and began calling and go no one with WU.

Sent an email to...someone at WU:

"[10:57:48 AM] Matt Lyle: Not very happy with WU suggest you contact me(Matt Lyle 325-573-6132) as I will be contacting the Attorney General and BBB very soon if issue is not resolved promptly."

Your Question has been Submitted

Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #120901-000486

A member of our support team will get back to you soon. "

Got up Sat. morn and began calling WU.

HeadQuarters: Voice answer said Hours are yada, yada, Mon. -Fri. etc.

Main office under that "Chicago" the number is a private resident.

Colorado number is not callable.

Agent support-"Not available"

(Some site for a major Corp.)

Sat 09/01/12 Tony-Manilla Philippines – Took 35-45 minutes 15-20 asking questions then two holds while she checked on matters then told me she must elevate the matter and put me on hold until eventually a Danllela(?) answered from another dept. who had no idea of any of the previous half hour or more dealings with Tony and began again and told me too bad, "he (Gilbert 277 Lubbock TX) lied to you" refund process takes many days. When I asked for Corporate Hdqtrs in America information she was clueless. Told me I could call them back on Monday the later said no that's a holiday call us on Tuesday.

Danllela Supervisor/Diff. Dept told me to contact them on Monday.(A holiday call Tuesday).


Finally got this number from her:

Corp. Info. 1-800-325-60000

Contact me if you can help give these crooks some mutual pain and grief please. Matt Lyle at or 325-573-6132

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

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they lie and know it.

I found one over a year old and they said I could take it to the bank for deposit.

I took it to wells fargo and they deposited it, then withdrew the deposit.

Next WU call I was told, no, if its over a yr the bank cant cash it, WU rejects all MOs over 1 yr, because the value decreases, fifty cents per month. He said WU gives the money to "the government"...when pressed, he said "the govt means the state of texas"....I called Tx unclaimed funds and was told WU doesn't turn over unclaimed money orders until SEVEN years...the amount if 500, so I guess they've got it wrapped up in red tape forever...obvious deliberate attempt to block...and blatant lies


Hey let me be the first to say what a swell guy this Augustwind is. Salt of the earth, etc.

Been doing semi paralegal work for years, trustworthy (i.e. not a lawyer) numerous civil rights suits, consumer complaints, etc. He dosen't bother anyone until he has been wronged then its Kattie bar the door.

Lets form a group to put a couple major dents in the port bow of WU? I'm in!