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I attempted to send $3000 to my son in Paris, France over the phone. After endless questions and holds, I gave my Mastercard number, waited and was told they could not make the transaction and could not tell me why. I offered two more credit cards with same outcome. I called Citi and was told the hold was on Western Union end. Western Union refused to tell me what the problem was and told me I needed to go to an office. Found a local "office" in our local Ralph's, repeated the transaction, went to pay and was told the payment equipment was not working. Was told to go to another office 3 miles away, which turned out to be a check cashing place that only took debit cards. All the while my son was waiting in an office in Paris that was closing at the end of the hour. At 10 minutes to the hour, the transaction "went through" off my debit card (with no credit card protection) however my son was told the office in France had not received it. He was turned out on the street with no money received and the office was closed.

The NEXT DAY!!! I received a call from WU investigating my fraudulent transaction. They never informed me, even though I paid for in the minute transaction, that they were not forwarding the money.

Was asked the stupidest questions ever, that any criminal could make up answers to, like who was the money for, where were they, when did I last see them, etc. There were no right or wrong answers to these questions. Then the transaction was approved, TWO DAYS AFTER THE MONEY WAS NEEDED!~!~!.

The final insult is that the check cashing forgot to charge me their additional fee, but charged me a full money transfer fee. WU had offered me a 50 percent discount for going into an office. I called and asked that they refund my 50 percent overcharge to the check cashing place for their fee. This is clearly why a discount is offered, so that the consumer pays the same amount wherever they wire money. Western Union told me that since the clerk forgot to charge their fee, it was her problem and that there was no need for me to worry about it. They basically stiffed their agent for their own benefit.

I am sure that clerk has her job in jeopardy.

Western Union and their fake foreign call center auto toned talking heads does not give a *** about any of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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In the last two weeks my money wired to Jamaica to two different friends was denied with no reason given for stoppage. today again I tried to send money to Jamaica and again It was denied to another friend I have sent money several times before.

Western union YOU SUCK, I have used their service over the years but never again. jamaicamike


I was in France last year studying as well, and I used a service called TranferWise because I never trusted Western Union or even the high-fee-charging banks. In the future, you can have your first £3000 worth (or equivalent) of transfer for free using my link here: - did not have a single problem with them for a whole year now.


Yes makes you wonder what sort of organisation and training these people are given that make the decision to stop/ban/cancel transactions.


Maybe it's a money laundering deterrent of some sort. I don't know but it does seem strange.