Not resolved

My issue is a 15 dollar transaction that I sent .Customer service number 1800 325 6000 is living ***

It takes 10-25 minutes to get through no joke .and the custumer service agents are hard to understand , barely any English,that is part of good cs solving issues.I wanted to speak with a supervisor ,and the first time I requested a supervisor .I was HUNG UP ON .

NOW WESTERN UNION IS BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS ,remember,and they now have the worst customer service reps ever.

I finally got through to a supervisor on the third call after the first hang up and the second phone call which took 17 minutes to answer.

I *** have money to send use Money gram or paypal . (Western union has incompetent staff

Adrian badge no# 231 mexico location did not resolve a $15 dollar transaction( I'm sure glad it wasn't a $2transaction); he might have pleaded that it was suffocating him)

PLease helpIncident no#31347775

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