I've used Western Union since early 2011 without any problems. On 6/24 I tried to send money to Texas. That failed. The error message says that the transfer couldn't go through using my means of payment(debit card). I tried four times, with no success. So I called up the company. The first person I got, at first wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor but finally she did. However the phone just rang and rang for about 15 minutes. I called back and got another supervisor who said she thought it was due to a database update. I tried again the next day at around 1PM and again the same problem. Called the 877 number and was told it could be compliance problem so I was given an 800 number to call. Called that and was told, no, there are no compliance issues with my account. In the meantime I sent the money via Moneygram with no problems, so for sure, it's not my bank. Called back the 877 number and was transferred to another supervisor who never picked up. After ringing for 10 minuutes I had to hang up and get on with my life.

Today on their Chat I was told they made a business decision to deny me access to their service. Why? None of my business why. I asked, suppose it was made in error, can I contact someone to see if I can rectify it? No.

Easily the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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