Kansas City, Missouri

I am a long time customer of Western Union. I send money to the same person all the years.

I call and give my name,credit card #,my customer #, and password..Then they want my SS??? They come back on the line to ask me all these security questions like what is the licence # from my old car from many years ago. I don't pass and denies my transaction. They take my money and I have to wait 11 days for it to be put back into my account.

I am pissed. I will never use Western Union again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Customer Care.

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I have sent money with western union many times. I have noticed that they gave the receivers much less than what they were supposed to give but I overlooked that because the amounts were not worth my time.

However the last time I sent money to Turkey, they gave the receiver £120 less than what I sent (Instead of £309.64 they gave 208 Euros). They told me that they will investigate this but I did not feel in easy with their approach. What are the protections that we have for the unlawful conduct of Western Union? Is it possible to sue WU?

Or what are the third parties that can protect us against them? Are there other victims like me regularly being scammed by WU?

I feel like they take it for granted that people cannot be bothered. If I sue them can I ask for compensation for the stress and anxiety that they cause and for exploiting our trust?


Western union took my Mother's money while she was trying to send money to my sister from Colombia to Cancon. And not just that very rude employees. That treated my mom like if them would be make in her a favor instead of giving good service.

Do not trust wester Union .


It just happened to me, what's should I do ???




Same thing happened to me....I been using them for more than 2 years and now they declined my transaction. I called them and they wont tell me the reasons why my transaction was decline.

Their customer services are ***!! Western Union took my amount, debit in my card then decline my transaction. Waiting for my refund. This is ridiculous!!!

I will not use western union again!! its a scam!

@***ed customer

did you finally get your refund?


Just happened to me and they told me it wasn't their fault, it was my banks fault. They have no "reason" for my denial so I just have to take it up with the bank to release the money.


Really nice I tell ya. :(


Dave Ramsey has totally caegnd our lives! It's AMAZING what happens when your'e aware of what you're spending.

We cash our paycheck & bring that cash home, then spend it on paper. I use $60 per week for groceries. $60 goes in the envelope for the week and that envelope goes w/ me to the grocery store. If I go over $60, I have to put something back.

I don't use my debit card to make the difference. Same w/ gas, restaurant fund, the family time fund, etc. We got $17 in gas yesterday because that was all that was left. Makes us think about our trips out & reall saves money.

Thanks for this challenge it's easy saving money if you concentrate & look for solutions but you've got to be focused and organized. I coupon like a mad woman they're everywhere, newspapers, internet, friends I typically save $10 $35 per week w/ coupons.


Happened to me too! I will not tolerate anything less than a TOTAL refund from this company. Not my fault they denied the transfer or refused to help resolve the issue!


I always send money. They just did this to me...

Charged me 50 for a denied 90 transfer. How did they deny my transfer? Does it have simething to do with the person i tried sending it to? Because there is no reason i should b denied.

Just sent one day before yesterday!

Im calling my bank. This is ridiculous!


My wife is waiting still 3 months on for a refund, emails EVERY day for 3 months several admissions of mistakes at thier end and still £450 down.. goes to the US, UK, back to the US i'm about to give the verbal dress down to the department manager in 15 minutes when she gets back from lunch, and will be recording the call to ensure there is no accusation of threatening or abusive language.


Their CEO is on Twitter, tell him @ your experience:



Did you ever get your money back? the same thing just happened to me and I'm still waiting for my refund..