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I purchased 2 money orders from western union one in the amount of $500.00 and another in the amount of $154.00 I filled out both money orders completely to my sister who resides in Georgia and signed both as well, I then dropped in a sealed envelope addressed to her residence later as weeks passed my sister informed me that she still have not received the money, so I immediately traced the activity on the money orders because I had the reciepts with the tacking number , I then learned much to my horror that they both were cashed but not by the intended person my sister, so once again I contacted western union money order department and let them know that both money orders were stolen and cashed by someone I didn't know.I then put in a request for a refund and tracer of where it was cashed, the agent also informed me I couldnt get a refund because it was cashed not by my sister or myself but some theif much to my dismay I was told to put another request in to have western union investigate and request that the bank of deposit which is bank of America refund me and it was all up to them and this can take a couple of months and they would contact me , to which a couple of months later I received a letter declining me a refund because of some bull *** about the reclamation period/statue of limitations has expired ,they also added that they did acknowledge from the affidavit I sent in requesting a refund that it was clear the signatures were different ...duh... And that it did appear altered and forged but bank of America requested I seek a refund and resolution from western union and the drawee/payor bank is liable not them.

So I am being bounced around and passed like a buck between these to multi million dollar institutions and companies like 654.00 clearly stolen from me is a big deal to either one of them , but western union refuses to refund me and all they can say it sorry . That is just disgusting and bad business practices, they have no loyalty towards there customers and basically protect thieves ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Monetary Loss: $655.

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Yes that is true.

My MTCN : 481-611-6120

Money stolen by Western Union.


I had an issue with WU failed transfer of funds to BOA, sent to the wrong BOA receiving of international transfer of funds department. With lots of phone calls, long trips to the WU sending office 30 miles away, they refunded the principal, not the fee.

Learning of the newly www.consumerfinance.gov and choosing Submit A Complaint, it took time, maybe several months but I did get back the service fee for the failed transaction. The WU representative that followed through, even called me, her name is Pamela Hertzog. She was understanding and a good consumer assistant person to WU credit. I was sending money to USA from Philippines so I'm impressed with the federal Consumer Finance folks.

Since you have admission funds were stolen from WU, except for the statue of limitation, that seems absurd. I hope this will encourage your pursuit for fair play. Yes! WU and BOA have billions in profits.

BOA representatives were to the point with WU and clearly considerate of my complaint. Hope this has been of some help.

What I had to recover was not in the $100.00s of dollars fortunately. :roll


I am sure that your money is not lost as Western Union and no one else is the crimer. To this point read all my comments in Pissed Consumers and, first of all, request an immediate documentary from Western Union in written form concerning your frauded money as you need this for posting a criminal charge to the Attorney General of your country.

A copy of the complete receipt from receiver inclusive the direction of the Western Union office that had done the payments. You will get none and this is the fraud of Western Union.

Without this even the fraud of your money must not be true. Then place a criminal charge to your Attorney General against Western Union