Merritt Island, Florida
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I tried to make a payment over the computer to my account and it was denied and I didn't understand because I had money on my debit card. Then I tried to make a payment over the Phone with the automated system and they transferred me to a rep.

and they said my card declined. I checked my account via there web site and I was missing over $100.00 I called my bank and they said they have a hold on my account for 2 charges of $56.95. Now they won't answer the phone I was on hold for 30 minutes yesterday to tell them to take the hold off my debit card and but no one ever came on the line it's funny when you choose to make a complaint your on hold forever and never get to speak to someone live but if you try to make a payment they will get you straight to a rep.

in less then a minute Im done using this company I'd rather use western union and pay an extra $5 to get peace of mind at least that is a company that can be trusted.

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i went online to make this months payment, and when i checked my bank account the following monday, i saw hyundai debited my account TWICE! i faxed proof and had my husband call to resolve it, and have a check sent back to us.

when i called today to make sure the paperwork was being processed, they wouldnt give me the time of day "because my name isnt on the account". So i told the B*%ch, that MY name is on the bank account that is being stolen from. Will soon have my husband put my name on the hyundai account.

Also an FYI to you all. if this happens to you too, it takes 24 hours for them to cycle through the paperwork, AND they only process checks on Tuesday and Thursdays, is what i was told yesterday when someone there DID talk to me.