Lawrenceville, Georgia

I have been sending money regularly to my fiancee in Ukraine. I KNOW THIS GIRL! Have been to her country 6 times in a year and a half!

There have been regular transfers for support, and airline tickets when we will meet in various countries where she can travel to with me.

THEN, I suddenly get a notice to "Call" Western Union to "clear" my transfer this month. I get put through a series of frustrating holds and "conversations" with non-English speaking guys. Finally it culminates in "an agent will have to call YOU!" F....!!! So, OK, I wait.....finally I call Engelwood Colorado office to complain. They put in an "expedite" order for this guy to call. He finally does. Asks me personal questions about why I am sending money, my occupation, and how much I make a month! I TELL him!! Then, he says "We cannot send this person money because of Federal Guidelines...she is receiving too many transfers!" Whaaaaat???

He will give me no other information!

So, why is Western Union playing God? They take a "personal" interest in cancelling your transfer....but then become "impersonal" when you want to know why!!

I am looking into bank to bank wire transfers for the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

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You should be contacted if you had your right phone number number entered, just as I did. They are trying to prevent you from being scammed or whatever.


WU cancelled my online transaction with an email stating that I cancelled them???? When I called I got just idiotic responses that made no sense. Told me to go to one of their offices that charges much more than their online service!