I purchased 3 Western Union Money order from a local 7/11 store here in Catonsville Maryland to use to pay for an apartment that I wanted to rent.I used 1 of them as a security deposit to hold the apartment for me so per the rental manager I made the money order payable to them,on 04/02/2011 I went to move into the apartment and to my surprise the apartment was not ready for me to move in so I requested my down payment.

NOW this is where it becomes a problem I tried to deposit this money order along with the other 2 and my bank [Bank of AMERICA]advised me that I cannot deposit it because it was made payable to the apartment I explained to them that I purchased the money order for a apartment but I was not able to use it for the purpose intended and I even showed them the stub to prove that I purchased this and there was nothing irregular about this but they still refused I then called WESTERN UNION and was told that I could cash it at any chech cashing location I have been to 4 places including a Walmart and they all refused it ,oh by the way when I took it to the 7/11 that I purchased it from they told that they could not cash it neither.

Now I would like to have you put yourself in my position I am paid monthly I needed this money to make up my rent/security deposit and now I am told by WESTERN UNION that my only option to get my money back is to send them a refund request and include $15 dollar fee with request,this is what a big corporation does to a poor person,because I consider myself to be a small person to this company I really hope that 3 readers will tell 2 friend each and so it continue that no-one will ever do business with WESTERN UNION or its affiliates again ever.

Please I am not a crazy man just a pissed off customer who believe that each person should be treated fairly in live not to be abused by the BIG company the mighty WESTERN UNION.

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San Jose, California, United States #1286781

The same thing happened to my order, but instead I put mine through the ATM and they kept my money order because it was altered and they never sent me a replacement money to cash.


I so agree with you, a lesson learned. A postal money is no questions asked, they cash the money order right on the spot, no fee required. western union is a scam

Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1263155

On Dec 1, 2016 I bought a Western Union at our local store.I mailed it to my landlord 40 miles from me.

He never got it. I ended up paying 2 times, it has been lost in the mail I am told. Never a problem in 2 years. I did all the paperwork and Western Union never received that either!

Now I am redoing the paperwork again but will send to CO in a priority envelope. It hasn't been cashed but I have $350 floating within 40 miles. WTH??? Who can I sue?

Western Union?

Post Office?Mailman?

Canastota, New York, United States #1259605

You just need to write on the back of it before your signature , Not used for purpose intended and then sign your name with 2 form's of government id


Going thru a similar issue now. They received my requests on 10/28 and called today and they told me it will be 11/28 before refund is issued. This is over $2000 and as a single parent, I NEED MY MONEY!

to Anonymous #1402412

Did you ever get it back?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1231145

Western union is the worst.Doing the same process for my rent.

Called western union amd cant even get a live person..i am done doing business with them death to western union

Lithonia, Georgia, United States #1223313

I am in your shoes and can't afford $15 dollars on a $150 money order.Trying to find out how to get my money back.

I had tried to use a cashier's check but the apartment complex refused, then handed me their signed money order back.I am going to go back to them and demand they write a check to me and cash this useless m.o.

Concord, California, United States #1200146

I agree. WU sucks.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1198187

The exact same thing happened to me.


Thank you for sharing, this was super helpful, wish I saw this sooner. It's definitely a ridiculous policy, not to mention the 8 week review before a refund is issued.


Tell me about it I perched one for my son and it ain't made out to anyone and trying to return it and they won't refund or cash it for me at any place that sells Western Union money orders so I am going to get my money order from Walmart

to Anonymous Norfolk, Virginia, United States #1136705

Last I know U.S.Postal Service money orders are optimum.

They are traceable & refundable.None of this hassle with cashing.


Same here my wife and I moved to Florida and can't even open a bank account get a job or anything all we have are tied up in money orders from western union we are unable to even get a place we have to walk everywhere and are living in our truck due to this we have no way of even sending them $15 to fix it if we did we have no address we have been stranded two weeks and are being forced to be homeless and jobless since we can't obtain an address we plan to sue once we have money again and I am also going to YouTube the *** out of this


I am trying to figure out how to get a refund on a western union money order now that was sent back to me.What I can not understand is why they want $15.00 dollars to get my money back when I have already paid for the money order to start with.

This does not make any sense.

Its ripping somebody off.I am a very poor person that barely makes ends meet now.


I never got my money back, they even cashed my $15 money order I sent for the processing fee but said they never got my original receipt which was in the same envelope. Do NOT use Western Union, not worth the risk.


I am currently trying to cash one in AZ from someone out in Virginia, also made out by a 7/11.He sent me a copy of the purchase stub along with a western union check made payable by Wells Fargo.

I went to all of the local western unions, walmart, check into cash, cash advance and a hand full of people who might be able to use a bank account to cash it, as I do not have one. All of these options are LOSES because WESTERN UNION BLOWS. Every location either stated that they just do not cash WU money orders or that the money order was consider a "High Risk".

I am so unbelievably pissed that they DO NOT make it OBLIGATORY for their franchises or locations to honor their own freaking money order. On top of it, the employees best advice was to cash it at a bank.



Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1116659

Me too. I was told that I could deposit it with my bank and to endorse it along with the phrase 'not used for purposes intended' but my bank refused to accept it though I had the original and receipt. Last time I buy a western union money order.


I know the feeling I got sent one and now. Nobody wants to.cash it


This is exactly what I'm going through right now! It's so frustrating

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