I purchased 3 Western Union Money order from a local 7/11 store here in Catonsville Maryland to use to pay for an apartment that I wanted to rent.I used 1 of them as a security deposit to hold the apartment for me so per the rental manager I made the money order payable to them,on 04/02/2011 I went to move into the apartment and to my surprise the apartment was not ready for me to move in so I requested my down payment.

NOW this is where it becomes a problem I tried to deposit this money order along with the other 2 and my bank [Bank of AMERICA]advised me that I cannot deposit it because it was made payable to the apartment I explained to them that I purchased the money order for a apartment but I was not able to use it for the purpose intended and I even showed them the stub to prove that I purchased this and there was nothing irregular about this but they still refused I then called WESTERN UNION and was told that I could cash it at any chech cashing location I have been to 4 places including a Walmart and they all refused it ,oh by the way when I took it to the 7/11 that I purchased it from they told that they could not cash it neither.

Now I would like to have you put yourself in my position I am paid monthly I needed this money to make up my rent/security deposit and now I am told by WESTERN UNION that my only option to get my money back is to send them a refund request and include $15 dollar fee with request,this is what a big corporation does to a poor person,because I consider myself to be a small person to this company I really hope that 3 readers will tell 2 friend each and so it continue that no-one will ever do business with WESTERN UNION or its affiliates again ever.

Please I am not a crazy man just a pissed off customer who believe that each person should be treated fairly in live not to be abused by the BIG company the mighty WESTERN UNION.

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San Jose, California, United States #1286781

The same thing happened to my order, but instead I put mine through the ATM and they kept my money order because it was altered and they never sent me a replacement money to cash.


I so agree with you, a lesson learned. A postal money is no questions asked, they cash the money order right on the spot, no fee required. western union is a scam

Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1263155

On Dec 1, 2016 I bought a Western Union at our local store.I mailed it to my landlord 40 miles from me.

He never got it. I ended up paying 2 times, it has been lost in the mail I am told. Never a problem in 2 years. I did all the paperwork and Western Union never received that either!

Now I am redoing the paperwork again but will send to CO in a priority envelope. It hasn't been cashed but I have $350 floating within 40 miles. WTH??? Who can I sue?

Western Union?

Post Office?Mailman?

Canastota, New York, United States #1259605

You just need to write on the back of it before your signature , Not used for purpose intended and then sign your name with 2 form's of government id


Going thru a similar issue now. They received my requests on 10/28 and called today and they told me it will be 11/28 before refund is issued. This is over $2000 and as a single parent, I NEED MY MONEY!

to Anonymous #1402412

Did you ever get it back?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1231145

Western union is the worst.Doing the same process for my rent.

Called western union amd cant even get a live person..i am done doing business with them death to western union

Lithonia, Georgia, United States #1223313

I am in your shoes and can't afford $15 dollars on a $150 money order.Trying to find out how to get my money back.

I had tried to use a cashier's check but the apartment complex refused, then handed me their signed money order back.I am going to go back to them and demand they write a check to me and cash this useless m.o.

Concord, California, United States #1200146

I agree. WU sucks.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1198187

The exact same thing happened to me.

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