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have been sending money to a friend in ghana for over 2 years now. yesterday, sent $40usd. today my friend sais there is no money. i called western union and they said the money was refunded as a security reason and that i am not able to utilize their services anymore.

when i aksed why, they said it was a business decision. i tried to go up the ranks to suervisor, etc. but was told that no one "ANYWHERE IN THE COMPANY" could help me.

i called back hoping to get another agent who could do something. she gave me "wuamlcompliancewesternunion.com to call and lodge complaint. nothing comes up under that address except sites such as this. all i am able to do now is try and collect the money back. and i have heard i will only get the money i sent, not the service fee. will no longer do business ther. will try moneygram.

does anyone know if these problems have been reported to the consumer protection agency? or how about our local newspapers?

Monetary Loss: $49.

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For some reason western has informed me the Philippine government is blocking me from sending money there.

to Sexy Trucker #1555249

Me too. What gives ??


i am having issues with WU ALSO. My son sent me money from South Carolina to GA.

went to pick it up money and was denied because of the way my name was misspelled. so my son refunded it and sent it again. they declined payout again. i called CS that told me payment was good and should not have issues paying out.

went back in store and same thing happened again declined. at this point i am fed up i need to know what is going on, so me and my son on phone with CS. got the run around no real answer to why this keeps happening. then they tell me and my son separately that we cant send or pickup but no reason why.

and if we wanted to know why then we had to send in an email to WU. why send in an email when we are on the phone tells us then.

no response. now i am finding out about some SND list that people are being put on for these companies like WU

San Jose, California, United States #1343587

Same thing happened to me.. had been using moneygram and western union for years and both abruptly denied me using the online service and said they didn't have to give me a reason why, but I was welcome to go in person to a local location and send cash.

Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States #1343580

WU would block you online yet tells you to send money through their store using cash or debit only. Dot fall for that sh*t! If they can't respect us on how we want to use and pay for their service why do we need them?

to Anonymous #1492266


to Anonymous #1550677

Yeah well they wont send online and then they cancelled my transfer when I sent in cash !


These f$ckers only wants Cash transaction (debit card).


ive gone through this too...every month....just tried wu on my laptop and app and it still declines....been sending and receiving funds for over 6 years from my fiance. Now all of the sudden im blocked from sending my fiance 800 to pay our bills while im away....but its weird cause i can use my card at a location but im at work so its not that easy....wu is false advertisement.....


PayPal is no better, this was actually reverse for me. My fiance tried to transfer money to my PayPal account and despite me sending a copy of my identification, they have shut down my PayPal. My boyfriend and I cannot get the money back for six months, it is such in the account while PayPal earth's interest in my money, they are a bunch of thieves


I have the same issue with them, they do not allow me to send to anyone anymore which really infuriated me. I went to money gram afterwards and after a short time they also barred me, note I don't know how to help my friend anymore

to Anonymous #1492270

I am in the same situation. I hope these damn companies lose billions.

Consumers are cursing them. They will suffer huge losses.


I have the same issue with Western Union AND MoneyGram. Have used them successfully in the past, many many times over the years. But because I divorced and changed my last name, they BOTH said my accounts were closed (this despite the fact that I was able to answer all security questions and offered to fax/email/present proof of my name change.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #994810

I have been sending to my girlfriend in the philippines for 2 yrs and that happened to me too. I switched to moneygram sent 1 time the next time they also declined my transaction with no explanation other than security reasons. I seriously wonder if uncle sam is listing people as a security risk?

to Anonymous #1550680

I believe uncle Sam has made a list and if your on that list forget about transferring money. Screw them I will buy my foreign friends cell phones and have them delivered .My friends can sell the phones.

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States #918664

Had similar issue sending funds to an orphanage in India. They wouldn't let me process fees online and told me to pay by cash at the retailer.

Western union is a pain because they tell us how we can spend our money. I refuse to use them ever again.

Any other ways to send? I was considering PayPal


I have sent money for many years with WU, today a phone call that my transaction has been refunded and I am no longer allowed to use WU? Its a business decision?

I have done nothing wrong...this is complete BS.

I too will find an alternative, and will advise all I know to steer clear of this sideways company. I am more than pissed.....

to j***man #1492272

WU deserves to lose billions, and it will do so! Ha, ha !

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #714154

This is a letter I sent western Union recently:

have been a very good customer for many years. My job as an outside sales representative has taken me all over Canada and the Unites States . My wife is American and I have family in Canada and the United states. I've always thought that Western Union was a fast, easy and convenient way to send or receive money although as of late that has changed significantly. Your network is often down, there are issues with transactions due to incompetent, rude cashiers and customer service reps. I was told that my last transaction was rejected because "Western Union does not want to do business with me anymore". After asking why, I was told that western Union does not disclose that information! Is that how you treat your good customers?

Now, you want me to give you all my personal information so you can grace me with the privilege of being your customer?! Well ***!

I have discovered recently that my bank will allow me to send and receive money at the click of a mouse with nearly no cost. So thank you for making me realize that Western Union is a useless pain in the *** and an unnecessary expenditure. Thank you for making me realize that Western Union is unprofessional and does not care about its customers. I will take advantage of every opportunity to advise others to not do business with Western Union so you can take your reinstatement request and shove it up your *** because I am not interested in being your customer anymore.

to Nick Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #1108920

I too went through the same ordeal , I used to send money to China whilst they blocked me they didn't do the same with the receiver who told me she receives at least 20,000$, I just wonder how Western union can be naive by saying you can't use it for business but then why would they allow to me to send 6000$ per day? They are just a bunch of *** fellows.

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