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I am very upset. I purchased three money orders from Quiktrip all amounting to about $1380.

I intended to make the money orders out to a friend of mine, but mistakingly wrote my name on the line instead of his. So, we altered the money orders thinking that our banks would still accept them. We were certainly wrong. No one, I repeat, no one would accept them / cash them.

We felt that we were at a dead end, so we turned to Check n Go. They told us that there would be a 5% charge off of each amount & order. I turned from this option very quickly. I don't want to pay that much to reverse a mistake that I did not even know was a problem.

Most everyone believes "money orders" to be equal to a check. But little do most of us know, apparently, money orders are extremely different. Wherever one purchases their money order, whoever is the cashier should have the responsibility of LETTING THEIR CUSTOMER KNOW THAT ALL OF THEIR MONEY WILL ESSENTIALLY BE LOST IN OUTER SPACE IF THEY MAKE ANY ALTERATIONS TO THE MONEY ORDER WHATSOEVER. Seriously, I would have gone about this process a completely different way if I would have known that we were about to be handed so much trouble.

I don't want to pay 1/4 of my total amount JUST to get a refund. I ALSO don't want to wait 60 DAYS, WESTERN UNION, to receive my partial refund. This is the worst ever. Mostly, I think there should be more information exchanged upon purchasing a money order.

I wouldn't have even thought for a moment that Quiktrip wouldn't be able to reissue the money order or give me my cash back. Want to know why I didn't know about this huge new policy?

Because no one told me. How are customers supposed to go about doing business with such a large corporation if we aren't clued in on life-affecting policies?

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Union Money Order.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Quit whining and pay the 5%.